Determination of trimethoprim by various analytical techniques

Trimethoprim is one of the representative drugs within the pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) group and one of the main pollutants in pharmaceutical wastewater, mainly used in synergistic antibacterial activities. Trimethoprim found with sulfamethoxazole combination have a synergetic effect, due to the inhibitor effect that occurs in more than one step during the obligatory sequence of enzymatic reactions in the bacteria. It is used individually in the treatment of respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, intestinal infections, and other diseases. Therefore, it is important to develop rapid, simple and low-cost analytical methods for the simultaneous quantification of these compounds for good quality control. A considerable number of analytical papers for determination of association in commercial formulations and biological samples have been reported in the literature, these include mainly spectrophotometric, chromatography, ion-selective electrodes.         

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