Exergy and sustainability investigation of waste heat recovery vapor compression refrigeration system with silver Nano fluid

In this paper influence of cooling base fluid mass flow rate (500-2000 kg.h-1 ) with water and silver Nano fluid as cooling base fluid on performance parameters were experimentally evaluated. It was observed that cooling effectiveness, sustainability index, heating capacity, exergy efficiency increases while condensing & evaporation pressures and exergy destruction in components of the refrigerant circuit decreases with increasing mass flow rate of cooling base fluid. Cooling effectiveness, exergy efficiency, sustainability index, heating capacity of the considered system improved in the range of 11.71-18.25%, 1.9-4.56% ,0.3-0.7% and 26-80% respectively by using 0.05 vol% silver Nanofluid compared to water as cooling based fluid for a considerable range of cooling base fluid flow rate. Improvement was recorded using 0.05 vol% silver Nano fluid compared to water for a considerable range of cooling base fluid mass flow rate as exergy destruction decreases in the range of 29-30.18%, 65.77-69.61%, 14.31- 15.33%, 17-22% in compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve respectively.

This article is published in peer review journal and open access journal, International journal of research in engineering and innovation (IJREI) which have a high impact factor journal for more details regarding this article, please go through our journal website.

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