Multi-stage synthesis of nanopore NaA zeolite membranes for separation of water/Ethanol mixtures

Multi-stage nanopore NaA zeolite membranes were successfully synthesized on a porous mullite support. NaA zeolite was coated on external surface of porous supports by hydrothermal synthesis. Effects of multi stage synthesis on the membrane performance were studied. Multi-stage synthesis of nanopore NaA zeolite membranes is a method for preparation of zeolite membranes without defects. The crystal species were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns and morphology of the supports subjected to crystallization was characterized by Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Performance of the hydrophilic Nano zeolite membranes during separation of water/Ethanol mixtures was evaluated. These membranes showed very high selectivity of water for water/Ethanol mixtures. Separation factor as high as 10000 was obtained for ethanol feed concentration of 90%. Total mass flux was also obtained in a range of 0.243-0.973 kg/m2.h.

This article is published in peer review journal and open access journal, International journal of research in engineering and innovation (IJREI) which have a high impact factor journal for more details regarding this article, please go through our journal website.

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