Implementation of a shunt active power filter for power quality improvement: Harmonic compensation and power factor correction

A harmonic analysis at a point in the substation of Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, near the University of Isthmus in Oaxaca, Mexico, where the harmonic voltage distortion level exceeds the limit established by the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) is analyzed. For this purpose, the implementation of a passive filter is proposed as a strategy of harmonic compensation where, through a capacitors bank that it possesses, power factor correction is allowed, considering the electrical characteristics of the grid, as well as the resonance points present in it, in order to avoid possible damage to the filter components and to insert unwanted extra resonance levels into the grid under study. Using the MATLAB/Simulink® software, the system was simulated to corroborate the response after connecting the filter, obtaining satisfactory results thanks to careful tuning of the proposed strategy.

This article is published in peer review journal and open access journal, International journal of research in engineering and innovation (IJREI) which have a high impact factor journal for more details regarding this article, please go through our journal website.


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