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Looking for a way to fund your postdoc? Here is a list of several external scholarships you can apply for. They are organized regionally based on both citizenship requirements and country of study
The UK
  • UK Research Councils- The UK Research Council is one of the largest sources of Ph.D. funding in the UK. They are comprised of seven smaller research councils, each focused on a different field. UK citizens and residents can apply for full Ph.D. studentships worth a minimum of £19,037 for tuition, fees, and living expenses. EU citizens are eligible for an award to cover their tuition costs.
  • Schmidt Science Fellows- This new fellowship was established in 2018 in partnership with the Rhodes Trust. Applicants are nominated by their Ph.D. institution to complete 11-month postdocs in the natural sciences, engineering, maths and computing in the US or UK. Fellows receive a stipend of $100,000 for living expenses.
  • The Gen Foundation- The Gen Foundation provides grants of £500-£5,000 to applicants from any country studying natural sciences, particularly good sciences/technology in any country.
  • The Newton International FellowshipThe Newton Fund aims to support the best postdoc researchers from around the world by providing funding for them to work at a UK research institution for two years. Grants are worth up to £24,000 per year and can be renewed
  • Marshall Sherfield Fellowships- This fellowship enables American scientists and engineers to undertake postdoctoral studies for one to two years at a UK university.
North America
  • National Institute of Health-The NIH has various funding opportunities for American citizens or permanent residents studying in the US at the postdoc level.
  • Fulbright Program- Run by the US Department of State, a Fulbright grant offsets the cost of tuition, travel, and living expenses for US citizens conducting research at an institution abroad.
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research- Canadian citizens and permanent residents are able to apply for a CIHR Fellowship worth $60,000 a year for up to five years.
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship- A Banting Fellowship recognizes top-tier postdoctoral talent (either Canadian or international) with $70,000 per year for two years. Applicants must be nominated by their university. 70 fellowships are awarded annually.
  • Conacyt- Conacyt awards scholarships to Mexican students doing graduate studies in Mexico or abroad.
  • Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships- Awarded by the Wenner Gren Foundation, this fellowship supports the writing-up of already-completed anthropological research. The fellowship is open to applicants of any nationality and successful applicants will receive $40,000 for twelve months of continuous writing.
  • IVADO Postdoctoral Scholarship Program- This program supports researchers from all over the world who are coming to HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal, Université de Montréal, McGill University or the University of Alberta for postdoctoral work. If their research is in data science and data-driven innovation they are eligible to apply for this scholarship worth $70,000 per year for two years.
  • American Council of Learned Societies- This is the leading private institution that supports doctoral and postdoctoral work in the humanities. They offer several fellowships for US citizens and well as other open to international applicants.
  • TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship- A fellowship that enables students from developing countries to work at a Mexican institution for up to three years.
South America

  • BEC.AR UK Scholarship- This program offers up to 15 scholarships a year for students studying in STEM fields to do short stays at a UK university.
  • FAPESP Postdoctoral Fellowships- This fellowship provides two years of funding to researchers of any nationality working at a Brazilian institution in the state of São Paolo.
  • TWAS-CNPq Postdoctoral Fellowship- A fellowship that enables students from developing countries (other than Brazil) to pursue postdoctoral work in the natural sciences in Brazil.
  • Eureka SD Scholarship- This Erasmus Mundus project promotes the mobility of South Americans and EU nationals researching sustainability.
  • Fundación Carolina- The foundation offers funding for Latin Americans to do short-term postdocs in Spain.
  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation- Students who have completed their doctorate in the last four years are eligible to apply for a Humboldt Research Fellowship to carry out up to two years of research in Germany.
  • Georg Forster Research Fellowship- This fellowship provides funding for postdocs from developing or transition countries to carry out a research project in Germany for up to two years. Fellows are paid €2,650 per month.
  • The Finnish Cultural Foundation- Finnish citizens and those living and working in Finland can apply for support for research, artistic work, and projects in science, arts, and culture. Their work must have a strong connection to Finnish culture.
  • Hans Werthén Foundation- The foundation awards around 15 scholarships of 100,000-200,000 SEK each year to support a year of postdoctoral research in science, technology, leadership, economics or law. Successful candidates have previous research or private sector experience.
  • The Wallenberg Academy Fellows Program- This program provides generous financial support for young researchers working at Swedish universities. The program is open to researchers in all fields and of all nationalities. Applicants must be nominated by their university.
  • Postdoc.Mobility-This two year grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation support Swiss nationals or legal residents with two years of funding for postdoc work abroad.
  • Branco Weiss Fellowship- Postdoctoral researchers whose work departs from mainstream research in their field can apply for this grant of CHF 100,000 per year to work anywhere in the world. Research must be in science, engineering, or social sciences. The grant is renewable for up to five years.
  • Emmy Noether Programme- This programme is for postdocs with at least two years of previous experience. Successful applicants will lead a junior research group in Germany for six years.
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation- The foundation’s postdoc fellowships for research abroad are for Danish researchers studying bioscience and basic biomedicine. The fellowship offers the opportunity to research outside of Denmark for three years followed by up to a year in at a Danish institution.
  • Visby Programme Scholarships- This scholarship enables postdocs from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia or Ukraine to research in Sweden for up to a year.
  • Innovation Research Incentives Scheme Veni- This grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research is aimed at researchers have recently earned their PhD. It provides three years of funding for researchers from all fields.
  • The Swedish Research Council International Postdoc Grant- This grant is aimed at those who have earned their PhD from a Swedish university and will be pursuing a postdoc abroad. It provides 18-36 months of funding at 1,050,000 SEK per year.
Africa and the Middle East
  • The Dan David Prize- Each year the Dan David Prize selects three topics to fund research in. Doctoral and postdoctoral students working in these areas can apply for one of 20 scholarships worth $15,000 USD. 10 scholarships are awarded to students at Tel Aviv University and 10 are awarded to students studying at any university.
  • Oriental Institute of Beirut Postdoc Fellowship- This fellowship is open to those with a doctorate in middle east studies or Islamic studies. They can apply to be a visiting fellow at the Oriental Institute of Beirut for 12 months and receive a monthly stipend of €1,900.
  • African Centre for Migration & Society- This organization offers two fellowships a year for postdocs from Sub-Saharan Africa conducting research in the mobility, politics, and transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Australia Award Africa Postdoctoral Fellowship- This newly-launched fellowship is open to applicants from a Ghanaian, Kenyan, or South African university that is a member of the Australia Africa University Network. It is a two-year fellowship that involves research in both Australia and Africa.
  • African Postdoctoral Training Initiative- This program offers young African scientists a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in global health at the NIH. They are also expected to lead research programs afterwards in their home country so are supported for an additional two years at a 50% salary.
  • Sultan Qaboos Cultural Centre- This fellowship is open to American citizens or researchers affiliated with an American university and offer up to $51,000 for a year of research in Oman.

  • China Scholarship Council- The council provides financial aid to Chinese student studying abroad and foreign students studying in China.
  • Charles Wallace Trusts- These trusts help nationals of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Burma pursue education and training in the arts, heritage, and the humanities in the UK. The grants are usually £500-£600 and help cover funding gaps.
  • J. N. Tata Endowment- This is a one-time loan scholarship of Rs. 1,000,000-10,000,000 to Indian students at the start of their full-time postdoc. Applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree at an Indian university.
  • Tübitak Postdoctoral Scholarship- The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey offers postdoctoral scholarships for Turkish citizens working in Turkey or abroad in the fields of natural sciences, medical sciences, social sciences, humanities, engineering, and technological sciences.
  • Türkiye Research Fellowship Program- This research fellowship is open to international researchers working on collaborative research projects in the social sciences, humanities, or sciences in Turkey. 
  • Human Frontier Science Program- The postdoctoral fellowships help early-career researchers move into a new area of study within biological and life sciences in a new country.
  • New Zealand Postdoctoral Fellowships- These fellowships from the Royal Society Te Ap?rangi allow New Zealanders or New Zealand residents to undertake full-time STEM postdocs at a New Zealand research institution.
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